Freedom First REIA

 General Meeting

Thursday March 14, 2019



  *** Rick’s Prime Rib ***

898 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624

Networking starts at 6:30 PM
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM





Freedom First REIA Investor Academy


The Investor Academy Returns March 16


FFREIA Investor Academy 2019


$149 member/$249 non-member

Single Sessions

$30 member/$50 non-member

March 16 –

Do you own, or want to own, rent houses in Rochester?

Would you like stable cash flow and portfolio stability?

Karl Weeks provides both of these for the properties he manages.

For 3 hours Karl will explain how to build a portfolio of Cash Flowing houses in Rochester.

April 20 –

Don’t like midnight phone calls?                       Missing rent payments?             Problem with tenants?

Think it would be useful to learn from professional property mangers?

For 3 hours  Rebecca Lebowitz, Alex Wheeler, Michele Wheeler, Karl Weekes, & Steven King  go over the tenant environment in Rochester.

In 3 hours you can learn years of experience from professionals.



May 18 –

Today everyone wants apartments.

They can offer efficiency and scale all in one setting. But are they right for you?

Ethan Borshansky owns apartments in Rochester.

For 3 hours he goes over the things you didn’t really know.


June 15 –

On-site Rehab and Make-Ready – Pat Gallagher


September 21 –

Deal Evaluation from 3 Points of View – Wholesale, Flip, Buy-and-Hold

November 16 –

Notes – Joe McGuire


Includes Continental breakfast items

Contact Susan Holman    585-690-5056 or [email protected]



General Meeting


Did You Find a Good Investment, or are you in Love with a Dream?




What is the difference between a sound real estate investment and an emotional desire?


Tonight Chad Braungart walks though financial analysis for different properties, with differing analysis and for different people, stages & investment objective.

r, NY 146Networking starts at 6:30ntion incredible networking opportunities!


Remember, the 1st 2 meetings are free.

Check out FFREIA to get started investing in Real Estate or expand your current business.



The Investor Academy


March 16 – Building Portfolio Cash Flow using REAL Rochester numbers. – Karl Weekes


Contact Susan Holman

585-690-5056 or  [email protected]ffreia.com


Thursday March 7

Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies AM Meeting

Bayfront Restaurant 1075 Empire Blvd 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (Bayfront charges a $5 pp minimum, plan on having something to eat)

Networking begins at 8:30 AM

This group is co-moderated by Joe LaBarbera and Scott Speer.


Thursday March 14

Landlord Support Group

Ezzy’s Restaurant on Buffalo Rd

8:30 AM – 10 AM Let’s talk tenants and toilets.

What works for you? What isn’t working for you?

This group is chaired by Bob Napier and Pat Gallagher.

Thursday March 21

Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies PM Meeting

Bayfront Restaurant 1075 Empire Blvd (Bayfront charges a $5 pp minimum, plan on having something to eat)

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Topics include Wholesaling, Mortgages, Flips, Assignments, Lending and topics other than Landlord.

The “Deal Makers” section offering members a fuller platform to explain a potential deal to possible lenders, partners, buyers.

This group is co-moderated by Joe LaBarbera and Scott Speer.

Thursday March 28

Landlord Support Group 


Bayfront Restaurant 1075 Empire Blvd

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM  (networking at 6:30 pm)

(Bayfront charges a $5 pp minimum, plan on having something to eat)

Featuring Property Management Expert Karl Weekes of MelKar Enerprises, Inc.



For more information please call

 Susan Holman

 585-690-5056 or [email protected]

 2019 General Meetings (Program Committee):

  • January – A Local Success Story
  • February – Current State of the Market
  • March – March Mathness
  • April – Ask the Attorney
  • May – Social Media
  • June – Vendor Night
  • July – Riches in Niches
  • August – Picnic
  • September – AirBnB
  • October – Ask the Accountant
  • November – Property Tax Assessments
  • FFREIA Annual Holiday Party


2018 General Meeting topics included

  • January – City Grants
  • February – House Hack & Air BnB
  • March – Social Media
  • April – Arcana Insurance
  • May – Tax Law Update
  • June – Equity Trust
  • July – Wholesaling
  • August – Picnic
  • September – Creative Investing Techniques
  • October – Ask The Attorney
  • November – Vendor Night
  • FFREIA Annual Holiday Party



The Program Committee has this line up for 2019 Investor Academy

  • March – Portfolio Management
  • April – Property Manager Panel
  • May – Holding Apartments
  • June – Site visit rehab & make ready
  • September – Deal evaluation from 3 view points
  • November – Notes


Earlier Investor Academy Classes in 2018

  • February  – Finding Quality Tenants  (Karl Weekes)
  • March – Rent to Own   (Scott Speer)
  • April – Investing in Tax Liens (Darlene Noeson)
  • May – On site flipping (Steve King)
  • June – Equity Trust
  • September – Advanced Wholesaling
  • November – Everything Title


Special Thank You to the Program Committee

  • Chairman Frank Dimino
  • Program Members
  • Barrington Nelson
  • Chad Braungart
  • Kathy Merton
  • Susan Holman
  • Leon Griggs
  • Joe McGuire



Your membership in FFREIA includes membership in National REIA.

National REIA


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For more information please call Joe McGuire 585-342-5850

If interested in volunteering for our organization please contact:

Susan Holman


[email protected]