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Saturday  April 21



 Income from Tax Liens on a Part Time basis


Darlene Noeson


Investing in Tax Liens has become much easier and more profitable with on-line bidding.  

Darlene will guide you through the process from locating the liens, doing the due diligence, purchasing the liens, to applying for deeds and acquisition of the property.

Darlene lives in Syracuse, if you think you need to live in Florida to invest there, think again!

Darlene began her real start investing when her husband watched an infomercial called “Pennies on the Dollar” and thought it would be a great idea.  At that time Darlene was starting a new job as a registered nurse in Rochester and told her husband he would have to do this with minimal input from her. Those classes introduced them to Robert Kiyosaki and she was hooked. Her husband, on the other hand, has never taken another REI course.

Darlene joined the Freedom First REIA and was a student to many aspects of Real Estate Investing. Now, over 10 years later, she is living the dream that her husband had, buying tax liens and holding mortgages on property that others lost to taxes. For her, Tax Liens are a way to invest when your first profession isn’t related to real estate.

Only those who have pre-registered will be allowed in the room.
Registration for the 6-session package available:
Discounted member price $149  (individual class $30)
Regular price $249  (individual class $50)




 Upcoming Academy Classes

May 19 – Onsite Flipping (field trip) Presented by Steven King.  See first-hand how this successful investor flips dozens of properties per year.  This session will be held on-site at one of his current works-in-progress.

June 23 – Equity Trust Event – FREE BONUS session for Academy Attendees (full series only)  Learn how to use your IRA to invest in real estate (and more) from one of the country’s premiere custodians.

September 15 – Advanced Wholesaling presented by FFREIA’s own Gail Smith, Joe LaBarbera, Barrington Nelson, Chris Cieslak and Rick Doherty.  These people have built their successful businesses using wholesaling as the cornerstone.  They’re all into much more than that now, but wholesaling is still an important part of what they do.  And they are willing to share HOW they do what they do.

October 20 – Preliminary Due Diligence Presented by Pheterson & Spatorico Law Group.  Need to know what to look for and where to find it when you’re deciding if a deal is a good one for you?  See it from a legal prospective with someone who does it all the time.



Earlier Investor Academy Classes this Year

January  – Finding Quality Tenants  (Karl Weekes)

February – Rent to Own   (Scott Speer)


 General Meeting April 12


  *** Rick’s Prime Rib ***

898 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624

Networking starts at 6:30 PM
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM



Property Insurance



Jim DelVecchio

Jim started his independent insurance agency in 2008 – with his primary focus to help small to medium size business owners.  

Jim  brings unique insurance solutions for the hard to insure business that performs an out-of-the-ordinary operation, e.g.,

property managers

landlords with one or more properties

investors that buy and hold or flip


One of the most recent successful acquisitions Jim has was to partner with Arcana Insurance. He researched the history of the Arcana Master Insurance Policy program for over 3 months, checking all their references including contacting the Texas Department of Insurance.  Their record in the state of Texas is clean – not one complaint since their inception in 1982. After a short few months of working with Arcana Jim learned Arcana was recently endorsed as the National Insurance Vendor for National Association of REIA’s.


Tonight Jim will provide information Arcana Insurance Services Web Portal for Residential Property Insurance and Tenant Liability Program.

This service is specifically designed for investors and their tenants. Program highlights are designed to maximize cash flow.

From your desktop anytime, anywhere YOU are able to:

Quote it

Bind it

Print it

Jim and Arcana offer coverage for:

Vacant/Rental Dwellings

Fire, Windstorm and Liability.

No photos or inspections required to issue coverage.

Pay only for the days the policy is in force,

Great for Rentals or Flippers, Vacant or Occupied Properties.



Contact Susan Holman


[email protected]ffreia.com

 Not to mention incredible networking opportunities!


Remember, the 1st 2 meetings are free.

Check out FFREIA to get started investing in Real Estate or expand your current business.



The Investor Academy

April 21

Tax Liens = Passive Income  (Darlene Noeson)   


Members:  $149 for the 6 session series, per class price $30

Non members:  $249 for the 6 session series, per class price $50

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Refreshments provided.

Five Star Bank

CityGate Office

395 Westfall Road
Rochester, NY 14620

Contact Susan Holman

585-690-5056 or  [email protected]ffreia.com


Thursday April 5

Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies AM Meeting

Bayfront Restaurant 1075 Empire Blvd 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (Bayfront charges a $5 pp minimum, plan on having something to eat)

Networking begins at 8:30 AM

This group is co-moderated by Adam Johnson, Joe LaBarbera and Scott Speer.


Thursday April 12

Landlord Support Group

Ezzy’s Restaurant on Buffalo Rd

8:30 AM – 10 AM Let’s talk tenants and toilets.

What works for you? What isn’t working for you?

This group is chaired by Bob Napier and Pat Gallagher.


Thursday April 19

Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies PM Meeting

Bayfront Restaurant 1075 Empire Blvd (Bayfront charges a $5 pp minimum, plan on having something to eat)

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Topics include Wholesaling, Mortgages, Flips, Assignments, Lending and topics other than Landlord.

The “Deal Makers” section offering members a fuller platform to explain a potential deal to possible lenders, partners, buyers.

This group is co-moderated by Adam Johnson, Joe LaBarbera and Scott Speer.


Thursday April 26

Landlord Support Group 


Bayfront Restaurant 1075 Empire Blvd

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM  (networking at 6:30 pm)

(Bayfront charges a $5 pp minimum, plan on having something to eat)

Featuring Property Management Expert Karl Weekes of MelKar Enerprises, Inc.



For more information please call

 Susan Holman

 585-690-5056 or [email protected]

 2018 General Meetings (Program Committee):

  • January – City Grants
  • February – House Hack & Air BnB
  • March – Social Media
  • April – Arcana Insurance
  • May – Tax Law Update
  • June – Equity Trust
  • July – Wholesaling
  • August – Picnic
  • September – Creative Investing Techniques
  • October – Ask The Attorney
  • November – Vendor Night
  • FFREIA Annual Holiday Party


Special Thank You to the Program Committee Chairman Frank Dimino and Program Members Barrington Nelson, Chad Braungart, Kathy Merton, Susan Holman, Leon Griggs, and Joe McGuire



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