Member Benefits



When you become a FFREIA member, you learn how to MAXIMIZE profits and minimize expenses.

Here is a brief overview of some of our membership benefits:

President Leon Griggs speaks to a FFREIA member. There are plenty of networking opportunities at every General Meeting.

Monthly Networking

  • Each member has access to other members via networking and interaction at our monthly
  • Members give fellow members referrals, which can save you time, money, and worry.
  • Plus members can join or form focused “Member Forums” sub-groups: designed to connect members who are at the same level of experience, our small sub-group forums are a powerful way to have your questions answered, and to share expert insider tips and strategies with one another.


  • Members receive discounts from our vendor members, as well as from national vendors that provide goods and services locally.
  • Speakers often offer discounts on books, software, and their sponsored events including seminars.
  • We also give away valuable books and products during our monthly meetings through raffles and special drawings.


Association Secretary Susan Holman assists one of FFREIA’s members at our April 2011 General Meeting.

  • Members can avoid making potentially costly mistakes by consulting with other members who are experts in their
    fields. Speakers give invaluable advice, but considerable helpful advice is provided free.
  • We provide and promote a buddy system – members teaming up with members to do deals, swap experience, and learn.
  • Some members are available privately for one-on-one consultation for a fee, or for a percent of sales basis. But however it’s done, membership helps you network and learn at monthly meetings and sub-group forums that range from beginner sessions to expert and specialist talks and presentations.
  • It’s a great way to “turbo-charge” your thinking and your business!

Speakers Program

FFREIA Monthly General Meeting

FFREIA President Leon Griggs speaks to the members at our April 2011 General Meeting.

  • Dynamic local, state and national speakers are invited to present at our general meetings. Many will provide training workshops and training materials. Some, like our recent speaker, Rochester Mayor and New York State Lieutenant Governor Candidate Robert Duffy, can give you insight into crucial policies and decisions that can directly impact your business and your income.
  • Learning from, or applying techniques provided by one of our guest speakers at one of our monthly meetings or workshops, can dramatically build your investment practice!

Vendor Partnership Program

For those members who would like to promote their business to property owners who need their services, we have created the Vendor Partnership program where vendors and contractors can promote their products and services to our membership.

National REIA

Becoming a member of FFREIA, the Rochester area REIA, also gives you membership in the National REIA, along with all the benefits of being a National REIA member.

Visit the National REIA member benefits page to learn more — they’re your benefits too!

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