The President

Thank you for your interest in FFREIA.

The Beginning

In 2008, a group of Upstate New York investors knowledgeable in real estate investing looked to leverage their experience by starting a not-for-profit organization aimed at providing knowledge and sharing expertise with other interested investors in an affordable and inexpensive way.

They called it FFREIA – the Freedom First Real Estate Investors Association.  Its goal:  to grow knowledge, grow profit, and provide value and resources for every investor interested in this time-tested investment field.

The Value We Provide

What kind of value does FFREIA provide?

Networking:  FFREIA members are involved directly with nearly every manner and mode of real estate investing.  Networking allows members to meet, to partner, to gain advice about hiring contractors, to develop leads, to sound out professionals and get their advice, to work together on joint ventures, and to gain in all the benefits that meeting and freely sharing information with seasoned experts can provide.

Training:  FFREIA hosts talks and presentations by acknowledged experts across a wide range of real estate subjects.  Some experts are well-known visitors to the Rochester area; some are FFREIA members who are available for follow-up advice then and later, at regular meetings.  In both cases members receive the educational benefits of professional real estate talks and presentations (without the four- and five-figure prices such presentations sometimes require.)

Resources:  Member input aside, FFREIA members can connect with vendors who offer special discounts to FFREIA members, as well as make use of the information resources on our web site, linking to information sources and tools that can enhance investment profit and reduce investment risk.

Our Mission

To seek out every opportunity to add value so that member investors can build the knowledge that will allow them to be successful real estate investors.

Our Structure

While FFREIA general meetings may be on any number of relevant topics, there are three key subgroups in the organization that aim at helping members be more effective in that unique specific area.  They are the Landlord Support Group, the Technology Group, and the Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies Group.

The Landlord Support Group aims to help property owners who generate rental income from their properties cope with the unique challenges and opportunities of that area of real estate investing.

The Technology Group helps investors stay up to speed with the ever-changing digital world of information technology.  If you use Google or social media or online information resources like Zillow or Trulia, or if you want to know how to get maximum bang for your real estate investment buck out of your smartphone or bluetooth or app (and especially if you’re not sure what these are) the Technology Group is your resource of choice.

The Alternative Real Estate Strategies Group will introduce and deepen your knowledge and skills in some of the lesser known but most profitable areas of real estate investing, from passive investing and wholesaling to tax liens, auctions, and mortgage notes, along with the technical tips and tricks (new and old) that will allow you to invest most effectively,


We thank you for visiting our web site and we invite you to become a member.  You’re welcome to visit our general meeting as well as our subgroup meetings (please see the calendar for the event time and location) — and the first two meeting are free.

If you have questions, please send us a note below, or contact Susan Holman for more details.


– Leon Griggs, President of FFREIA


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