Passive Investors

Passive investors (investors with less day-to-day involvement) are investors who seek to maximize investment returns without necessarily getting involved in the strenuous commitment that landlording, rehab, or property management may involve.

Passive investors often opt to provide funds to persons or organizations who invest those funds, or apply them on their behalf. For instance, passive investors may invest in a REIT (real estate investment fund) in much the same way a stock investor would invest in a stock.

Tax liens and mortgage notes are other prime examples of profit-generating real estate investments that don’t require heavy “hands-on” commitment. Opportunities to invest passively in real estate are not limited to the Rochester area, or even to direct ownership of property.

FFREIA continually strives to provide passive investors with the knowledge and information needed to succeed in passive real estate investing, as well as help them share in the benefits of an astute and seasoned network of supportive fellow investors. Our investor education resources include our monthly meetings, which feature presentations, trainings and talks by distinguished member or visiting investors, and special-interest sub-groups, where “niche” investors share their expertise.

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