Active Investors

Investors in FFREIA aren’t restricted to only learning about real estate and real estate investing.

Active investors — investors who want to take a direct hand in maximizing their return on investment — will find FFREIA a rich resource.

Active investors include those who buy a “fixer-upper” property and decide to fix it up directly. If they have an interest in tax sales property auction, they may travel to the auction themselves and bid in person. If they purchase multi-unit housing, they may handle the property management entirely by themselves.

For that kind of investor, knowledge is a fundamental element of success, and having access to buyers, sellers, contractors, and fellow investors can be key.  FFREIA continually active investors with the knowledge and information needed to build such networks and sources, as well as the benefits of access to speakers, mentors, and supportive fellow investors ready to share their knowledge in presentations, trainings, and talks.

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